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Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
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by KAYE K. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery

Met with Rachel Mullen; she had been referred to me as an outstanding cosmetician/person/professional. She was so kind, so compassionate, and so FUN. I am unsure of the cost differential between here and other places, as I was referred here. Whatever the cost difference, which I heard might be a bit more, it is worth it. Thank you- Rachel- if you ever see this. I do NOT like needles and you made it as good as it could possibly be. See you in 3 months for Botox and 8 months for filler.

by Michelle L on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Caring & Professional

Highly recommend Dr. Mixter and his team of caring woman, Julie & Sarah I really appreciate everything from the consult to the breast augmentation surgery. Thank you and I appreciate all you do

by Cheryl W. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Outstanding results and satisfaction

We have been very fortunate over the past 3 + years to have met one of the BEST AESTHETICIAN'S when it comes to skin care. Her name is Keri Ebner. A lady with patience, caring, understanding and thoughtfulness, (yet direct) when it comes to questions & answers, problems, solutions and recommendations and just plain good customer service. She has helped us in the areas of Total Facial Rejuvenation and Laser Therapy-skin tightening. Six stars for Keri would be more appropriate if it were possible. Thank you Keri and we look forward to seeing you soon on our next appointment.

by Alicia LV on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Great customer service!

I am from the La Crosse area, although I have not made an appointment for a consult at this time, I had several questions and wanted to speak with someone to have my concerns addressed. So I decided to call... the receptionist (sorry I forgot your name!) was very nice, and asked me to briefly hold while she got Kelly Farnsworth PA-C on the phone for me. Miss Kelly answered every single question I had, and went into depth with everything! She was super sweet, very knowledgeable and you could just tell she has a person's best interest at heart. She gave true recommendations and honest opinions. Kelly had such an amazing customer service and it really showed, during our phone conversation, just how much she loves her job. Thank you so much for making me feel like a valued customer! 100 stars for you!

by Lisa B. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Could Not Be Happier with My Breast Implants

Dr. Mixter just completed my second breast implant surgery. My first was almost 11 years ago. He removed my old and replaced them with a bit larger ones. I could not be happier! He fulfilled my expectations not once but twice. I am one month post surgery and they look amazing!!! Thank you Dr Mixter!

by Jeff T on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Extremely pleased

Have seen Dr. B for a couple consultations now and I am pleased with everything I have been told. From the first appointment to the most recent, every single interaction makes me feel at home and that my results will be better here than anywhere else- and they are! I really enjoy coming here , and plan to tell all family and friends! Hopefully more see this and make the decision to walk on in!

by Ali L. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Very Impressed

I have been nothing but impressed and overly satisfied every time I have a consultation with Dr. Blake. From his mannerisms to his precision in everything he does. I have friends who have also seen him and even with their kids. He is a family man and I think I will be visiting more often to say the least!
Ps. his staff is so down to earth and incredibly charismatic. I really enjoy talking to them every time I walk in the doors!!

by Lauren R. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Big fan of Dr. Blake!!

I have seen doctors at other places and never been satisfied with how I was treated and was never made to feel that someone cared so much about my satisfaction with my results! I was blown away and really feel like I am in the best hands when I visit Dr. B. A very selfless, driven and brilliant doctor! I cannot wait to come back to their office again.

by Stephen C on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Blake is Excellent!

Have gone to Dr. Blake a few times now and he has been excellent. Professional, yet calm matter which made me feel better about my visits. Nothing but the best from Dr. Blake.

by Dan on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
I highly recommend clinic of Cosmetic Surgery

As you walk into this office you immediately feel at home and well-taken care of. Dr Blake and his entire staff make sure that you have the best care and the the end of the day, the best results. I am recommending to all of my friends and family for future cosmetic needs!!!!

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