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Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
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by T. O. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Grateful Patient

I very much appreciated the frank consultation and recommendations Dr. Blake provided before I ultimately decided to move forward with a lower face/neck lift. He and his entire staff were very attentive, they listened carefully, and they took the time to explain different options and what I could expect from each. I got the impression that Dr. Blake truly enjoys what he does and likes to help people feel and look their best, so his advice is honest and meant to achieve that objective, not just to sell medical cosmetic services. Definitely recommend a visit if you are considering any type of procedures.

by TY on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery

From the consultation to the doc and the all staff I had a great experience. Gabrielle was honest of what I needed and didn't need. She made me fell comfortable and explained everything to me. My results were amazing I had only two rounds done of BOTOX but the 1st 4 days after 1st shot I saw a difference and 3 weeks later almost full results. Had to stop due to new pregnancy. Still have results months after. It was quick and painless. The cost shocked me to great prices and great staff well worth it. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and confident.

by Andrea A on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Dr Blake's and Staff

WOW! I just would like everyone to know what an excellent plastic surgeon we have in the Milwaukee, Wi area. There is no need to go anywhere else because Dr. Blake is the best in his business. I had my breast implants removed after many years at the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery. I had the surgery under local sedation because it is a relatively easy procedure. However, the right implant had formed an egg shell substance that stuck to the implant and my tissue. Yet, because of Dr. Blake's skilled hands and because he is extremely thorough all went well. I am so thankful Dr. Blake was the the Doctor I chose. He did an amazing job. Actually my real breast look pretty good for having implants for 30 years. (Thanks to Dr. Blake's experience and knowledge)

Also, I feel I need to tell you about his staff and office:

The entire experience from the beginning to the end was pleasant and simple. First of all, you walk into a very nice building/office. The receptionist are friendly and kind. They are aware that many people may be a bit nervous. Also, they are sensitive regarding the patients privacy. Many patients do not want everyone to know they are having plastic surgery or some type of treatment. They are respectful to your wishes. Dr. Blake's receptionist are smart and considerate.

Julie is the patient coordinator. She is an intelligent woman. She is all-encompassing. Julie tells you everything you need to know about the business side of the surgery, such as cost etc. She also organizes everything for you. So no worries, Julie is there for you in every way.

Hanna and Maria are Dr. Blake's Medical Assistants. I felt safe and confident in their care. They assisted in getting me ready for surgery. Without their reassuring calmness, I might have felt a bit more jittery. After the procedure they called daily to see how I was doing and if I had any questions.

Kelly and Sarah are Dr. Blake's Physician Assistants. They are also comforting and made the entire procedure relaxing. When Dr. Blake was removing the right implant (that had formed the egg shell) they assisted Dr. Blake efficiently and with ease. The egg shell made the removal more difficult. One of the nurses put an ice bag on my neck and forehead. In essence, I concentrated on the coolness of the ice pack and not the removal. Both women are capable and effective in what they do.

So that sums it up. Dr. Blake is the best along with his awesome staff. It is the only place to go if you want to look great.

by Presley W on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Periareolar mastopexy- so confident!

I recently had a periareolar mastopexy (breast lift) preformed by Dr. Blake. The results are incredible and I'm so pleased I chose Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery. The staff is incredible and truly care about your well being, it's also a very nice facility and I will never chose to go anywhere else! Before my surgery the staff and Dr.Blake were very informing and answered every question I had about the procedure I was wanting. The care they have for their patients is ultimately why I chose to have my surgery done here. I have had no complications since my surgery and the staff called daily after to check up on me and make sure I was feeling alright and I had no concerns. I have never been so confident in my life and I am just so thankful I had my surgery preformed by Dr. Blake! There is no need to continue to live a life ashamed of your body when there are procedures out there to make you feel confident in yourself every time you look in the mirror. They also offer great payment options if someone was ever too worried about that.

by Lisa O’Malley on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
My fantastic Facelift and Neck lift

Dr Blake is truly a gifted surgeon. The concerns that I had regarding healing , pain and not looking like myself were all addressed by Dr Blake and his staff. The procedure went smoothly and in 3 days I was off meds and out and about looking like Jackie O! Within two weeks I was wearing minimal makeup had very little pain and healing went quickly. The results were beyond my expectations!! I highly recommend Dr Blake! Unfortunately there isn’t a place to show pics. I’m just SO happy!

by Nathan S on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Fantastic Experience!

Amazing experience. Kim is the absolute best. She is dedicated to getting her patients the best results. There have been times I read something random online and came in to ask for it but she steered me to a less expensive option because what I asked for wasn't what was going to get me the best results. She is friendly and personable. She sees all her patients are people with things they want to accomplish. Not as an appointment slot to be filled. I've never had a concern go unaddressed. I've seen great results. When I see a group on for something I want done I just ignore it. I'd rather have Kim, with her expertise and dedication to results than some special offer online.

by Mariann Solorio on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Amazing experience.

For years after a sunburn I had been constantly trying multiple treatments to treat my melasma which had only been a patch on my cheek. After having my son it worsened to the point where I covered my entire face. I was incredibly embarrassed to be seen by anyone without any makeup to the point where it would take me 20 minutes to apply makeup so it wouldn't be as noticeable. By word of mouth I came across Dr. Blake and his staff, and I was so happy I did. I had been looking for someone who could treat melasma in ethnic skin. Dr Blake was knowledgeable and presented me with all my options after looking at my skin. He recommended the Melanage skin peel/treatment for me. It has been 3 weeks since treatment and my melasma is 80-85% gone and still improving. He did remind me that post care is equally as important as the peel itself and instructed me on the importance of sunscreen use. I cannot recommend Dr. Blake, Gabrielle (his esthetician) and his staff higher for their professionalism, customer service and quality of care.

by Jill K. on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Love this place!!

I can't say enough good things about the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery. I love the entire staff and always feel so welcomed during my visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Blake as he does excellent work. I would never look elsewhere as he is the best of the best! He is honest, knowledgable, and truly gifted in his skills, I am absolutely thrilled with his work!

by Athena Big Mountain on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Simply the Best

Dr. Blake and his staff are nothing short of amazing! Dr. Blake recommends realistic solutions and delivers AMAZING results! You will never leave feeling disappointed. God has truly blessed this mans hands and his ability to make a woman feel beautiful!

by anonymous on Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery
Bilateral Breast implant removal

If you are looking for an excellent plastic surgeon You need to go to Dr. Blake. Dr Blake removed my breast implants which I had for many years. They were hardened and one of them had an egg shell substance that formed around the implant! Eek! I did the surgery under local anesthetic. Dr Blake is very skilled, caring and thorough. Because of the "egg shell wrapped implant" it was not as easy as planned. Yet, Dr Blake's ability as a surgeon made the procedure comfortable for me in every way. With Dr Blake and his staff I felt safe. They are confident and professional. Dr Blake surrounds himself with employee's that are knowledgeable, smart and empathetic. I want to mention all of their names because of the awesome job that each, individually, did to help me. Julie his "patient coordinator" stayed on top of every detail. Hanna and Maria his "Medical assistants" were concerned and caring. They are dependable. They made me feel secure when I was in their care. They also called my home several times to see how I was doing. Sarah and Kelly his "physicians assistance" are talented in their skills. I was grateful to have them in surgery. Also the receptionist ,at the front desk , are friendly and helpful. (I wish I would have gone to Dr Blake and the Clinic of Cosmetic surgery when I first had the implants put in my body and again in 2000 when I had the implants redone because the originals leaked.) ( I just did not know about the Clinic at that time). I just want everyone to know that Dr Blake and his staff are the best in their business.

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