wrinklesFact Or Fiction: There’s a product out there that eliminates wrinkles.

Fact: Regrettably, there is no magic potion or combination of products in any price range that can make wrinkles truly disappear or prevent them. Daily use of a well-formulated sunscreen are the two best things you can do, but there’s more that helps, too!

The wrinkles you see and agonize over (not to be confused with fine lines caused by dryness, which are easily remedied with a good moisturizer) are the result of cumulative sun damage and the inevitable breakdown of your skin’s natural support structure. Skincare ingredients, no matter who is selling them or what claims they make for them, cannot replace what plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists do. There are literally thousands of anti-wrinkle products being sold and we buy more of these than almost any other beauty product. But despite this onslaught of products, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are not going out of business.

Don’t take this to mean that there aren’t skincare products that can help improve skin, because there absolutely are, including sunscreen, exfoliants (AHAs or BHA), moisturizers loaded with antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients, retinoids (components of Vitamin A), and numerous others. But, most skincare products don’t perform according to the exaggerated claims on the label; if they worked as promised, then cosmetics companies wouldn’t be launching new antiwrinkle products every few months, with ever-more miraculous-sounding claims (Journal of Pathology, 2007 and Dermato-endocrinology, 2012).

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